7 eleven to A3?

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After looking on my a3 that still halfway to be done..ahahahaha yup2 gimme some more time to complete it eh.. I really think these 7 stuff will help in increasing several stuff (effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson)

Im more into a simple minded technique..

1.lego set!

can you imagine a simple lego set can be turned into this?? imagine how much imagination, soft muscle coordination, group cooperation needed to get this done?? for me the best way to develop those skill is simply using lego!! yup lego but of course teacher need to give instruction but after that just leave creativity to take over..its surely be fun!

2. Multimedia, internet based tools

Ahaa…Im quite attracted with this class actually, it thought me on how to utilize interesting tools in the net. Surprisingly those tools are really useful if the teacher are fully adequate enough in understand how to use it.  But teachers need to bare in mind that the tools are there to make students ready in an independent learning. So design an activity that at the end of it the student will came out with their own presentation or illustration.

3.Group work

all the above qualities stated earlier can be detected in every student. To do so, group work is the best way to pick it out. Being a leader will require a time where a student need to make a decision. To make the decision a ffective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking is vital. So teacher can develop these quality among all his/her students by have a rotating leader session.

4.Problem solving

Problem solving is one of the best ways to improve children higher order thinking skill. This is because the concept told by the teacher doesn’t really will stick in the student’s mind like glue. Problem solving will provoke student’s higher order thinking skill to open up their thinking gate and start to really implement what they learn in the real context.

5. Question and answer session

This approach not only good for teacher to check whether the lesson objective had been accomplished but it can also serve as a platform for student to expose themselves with challenging question from the teacher. Besides that teacher can also conduct this session among the student with their peers for a peer assessment session.

6. Awareness in learning

Sometimes teacher need to make students be aware that they need to know what they are expected at the end of the year. By doing so i was not intended to burden the student but it was more to build awareness among student that they cant fool around and they need to pick up something class.


7.Uniform unit

I really think this method should not be forgotten. Uniform unit is a very useful place where student can develop all three skills stated earlier. During interaction, discussion, exam, and camping student will be motivated to learn because they are doing is as a unit. This will also develop their team spirit.



My Ebook~

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This is the old E book that I made

Page 1

Page 2


Ive made this E book to compensate in teaching human body parts. There are some changes that I’ve made:

1. Change the background

2. Extend the story with some moral values

3. Change the alignment of slides

4. Change the position of some of the picture

Here is the result~


and feel free to download my E book here~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



English..the creative and colourful way~

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aha…am back with some useful tips in applying interactive so called net learning experience to our future classroom..I had some problem during teaching descriptive sentence in my year 5 class therefor i wish i found this method long time ago~


year: 5

theme: world of knowledge

proficiency: average

learning objective:

i. pupils will be able to descrite people around them

ii. pupils will be able to differentiate the different size of people around them

set induction

1. teacher ask several question regarding common type of people that pupils will see around their housing estate.

2. teacher wait for several responses


1. Teacher use powerpoint to show several common item they will found in typical housing estates

2. The presentation will vary according to different housing estates.

3. teacher introduce the concept comparing sizes, colour and physical attributes

4. Teacher provokes the pupils to try and build several sentence describing


1. Teacher ask the pupils to open the site ”stripgenerator”

2.Teacher teach the pupils on how to sign up for the site

3. Teacher instruct the pupils to thing of some figure of people that they are familiar with

4. Teacher assist the pupils on how to use the site

5. After finish describing teacher instruct the class to present their stuff


1. teacher instill moral values (never discriminate people)


p/s: am working on the picture~


Hurm to learn and another hurm to questions~

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During the previous ICT class all my mates need to present their change or innovative ideas in manipulating the game that our lecturer gave..As usual my mates managed to get the job done and they did implement something that is interesting and out off the box.


what did I learnt?

1. Its not easy to form something just to make our biggest client (the children)

2. How lame and efficient the olden day technique in learning

3. Education had becoming disoriented and we are spoiling our future generation too much…I still remember I had being hit by my teacher and that ‘hit’ that make a human today

4.Interesting picture will surely captivates pupil’s attention

5. A simple template gave will trigger lots of new innovative ideas

what I want to ask??

1.will the time prepared is possible in the real world of teachers?

2. is there any further improvement that we can make?


1. good effort shown by all mates

2.really love almost all the ideas~

RAGNAROK online~

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Subject                                   : English

Class                                      : 1 Marikh

Date                                        : 11h February 2010

Time                                       : 9.00 am – 10 am

Enrolment                             : 20 pupils

Level of Proficiency             : Moderate

Theme                                    : World of Knowledge

Topic                                      : Character’s body part

Main Skills                            : Listening

Integrated Skills                   : Speaking and writing

Intended Learning              :  1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct   intonation   and words stress of phrases, expressions and sentence.

1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

2.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately


Curriculum Specifications : 1.4.1 Listen to and follow simple instructions.

1.6.1 Listen to and enjoys songs, rhymes, and children’s songs.

4.2 Match words to linear to non-linear representations

iii. Words to picture, symbol

4.5 Spell correctly and take dictation

Language Focus                 : Noun

Behavioral Objectives         : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to;

  • Recognize the major human body parts
  • Spell the body parts correctly
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct body part
  • Match the body part with their labels

Previous Knowledge           : Pupils have learned concept of noun

Instructional Material           : Days of the week flashcards (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Educational Emphasis       : Moral values – cooperation in groups & CCTS

Teaching Aids                      : PowerPoint presentation, worksheet, activity envelopes, and video presentation

Stages Activity Procedure Rationale Remark

Set Induction

(+/- 5 min)


Aural-Oral Discussion


–          teacher ask whether the student had their breakfast

–          Teacher for shadow the upcoming topics of the day by asking what are the class favorite sports



–          Attract pupils’ attention.

–          To elicit pupils’ Interest (hobby)


Multiple Intelligence

Interpersonal Linguistic

Value and citizenship




(+/- 15 min)


Aural-Oral Discussion

Human body part

–          Head

–          Neck

–          Arms

–          Elbow

–          Finger

–          Legs

–          Knee

–          Toe



–          Teacher take one example of the sports given by the pupils

–          The example must be appropriate to symbolize  all the movement of the body parts

–          Teacher provide example of some of the movement involved in the sports

–          Teacher ask the student can ghost do all those movement

–          Teacher start the presentation of the day by stating that there is a ghost that whish he can have all the human body parts

–          Teacher go through the slides with the student

–          Teacher ask for volunteer to give to make the action of the sports

–          Teacher point to the specific body part accordingly

–          Teacher repeat the body parts of the day by calling up the class to follow the cartoon from a video

–          After the video finished teacher ask the student what the body part the video did not include

–          Teacher wait for student’s responses and pick the correct one

–          Teacher relates the lesson with Ragnarok Online character’s body parts



–          To expose pupils to the idea of the lesson.

–          To enjoy singing song.

–          To check whether the lesson is taking place or not.

–          Instill ICT in learning


Multiple Intelligence

Linguistics, Bodily Kinesthetic.

Value and citizenship




(+/- 20 min)


Whole- Class Activity

List of items in the envelopes

–          Jigsaw puzzle

–          Labels



–          Teacher divide the class into three groups

–          Then teacher draw the centre body of a human body

–          Teacher distribute and envelope to each group

–          The envelope consist of human body part in jigsaw puzzle and their labels

–          The jigsaw puzzle must be completed and pasted on a piece of paper (provided together in the envelope)

–          The time given will be around 10 minutes

–          Then teacher ask for a representative of each group to combined the body parts on the whiteboard (in front of the class)

–          Teacher check for mistakes

–          Teacher repeat the body part that the class had produce



–          To gain pupils’ interest to participate in the teaching and learning process.

–          To incorporate speaking skills

–          To recall the lesson given on the pre.

–          To give confidence to pupils’ in speaking English Language.

–          To check the pupils’ understanding.


Thinking Skills

Comparing and contrasting, visualizing, relating.

Multiple Intelligence


Bodily Kinesthetic

Value and citizenship






(+/- 12 min)


Complete the worksheet

Label the human body part in the blank correctly. Colour the cartoon completely and give a name it.



–          Teacher asks the pupils to take out their colour pencil

–          Distribute Worksheet 1 to the students

–          Read out the instruction and let the pupils to complete the worksheet


–          To generate pupils’ critical and creative thinking skills.

–          To further test the whether the lesson had been successfully delivered


Thinking Skills

Generating Idea, Attributing.

Multiple Intelligence





(+/- 3 min)



“If someone ask you why we must treasure the human body part. It is because the parts help us to do daily work and enjoy our hobby



–          Teacher wraps up the lesson of the day.

–          Teacher explains the moral values


–          To summarize the lesson the day.

–          To promote good moral values.


Value and citizenship



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huh? huh? huh? another blog roll? huh?

ok this time i will choose domo animate~

from what i experienced, students have so little space to express their creativity in classroom..yup we cant expect the whole batch of student love English, math and science..they d have their own expression of ideas. Therefor domo animate will be the best choice for us teachers then!

But it is kind of simmilar to waht the lecturer had introduce to us in the previous sem, still remember our assignment where we need to make a videos by using Go Animate?? (shook your head now) ahahaha..still remember those hour we spend to complete our assigment..? so this software have the same concept with Domo animate..not domo areimassen ok..ahahaha (im bored)

I think if all Malaysian school have what it takes to feed the “hungry” ict teacher like us, the site will be so useful. If you have a good connection in school..like for example a T1 connection spread for 30 computers..what? streamyx 80 ringgit? you got to be kidding me..your student will fallen asleep to wait for the site to finish loading..80 ringgit connection to load the page? just save up your dream and buy a reality tv ticket lah..hahahaha but my point is if you dun have the correct gears and connection just forget it.

However if your school do have good connection then there are lots of activity that can be framed out. First it a cartoon based animation therefore don’t worry you will surely won your student’s heart because there is a research done by bunch of scientist stating that children react more to a fast moving cartoon frame..so you wont have them chatiing around about something else when there is an activity involving domo animate.

We can also choose domo animate as a student centered learning. For example they can make their own slides and then present it infront of their own friends..

Lastly teacher really need t think first before using this site (eventhough  it is very2 useful) measure the capacity of the school and implement it if possible wokay? daa~


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Hello there..this time around I will discuss on the TPACK related lesson plan that i’ve implimented during my teaching practicum..

  • Technology

Basically means how we implement ICT value in class. It does not matter whether u use the most complicated ICT tools or even the simplest tolls of ICT that is song~ 😀 for me in my class I usually use power point to illustrate something. It is basically because the picture shown will assist me in teaching..here are the examples..:D

1. Powerpoint presentation

2. Video

  • Pedagogical

It is basically the way we teach aite..? Kinda a very bombastic names for a very simple concept..hahaha..ok2..in my opinion its focusing on the step that we take in teaching..or basically the procedures..Therefor I look back in my lesson plan I choose to implement Total Physical Response method. I uses lots of movement in teaching because I am teaching standard 1 and the easiest to capture their attention is by doing lots of movement..:D. I also included the ICT value in the presentation stage 😀

  • Content and knowledge

The ideas of content and knowledge  for me are basically the lesson plan it self. This is because in the lesson plan we had all the pedagogical and technical element. During our practicum we are prohibited to teach and can even be failed if we did not finish out lesson plan before any particular class. Therefor it was not so cruel to label the lesson plan as the heart of one’s lesson. Besides that in the lesson plan we an clearly see the content

“Eh kena siapkan lesson plan..mana tau luqman absent ke kalu cikgu nak ganti bole amek terus je”

If you find my entry is short because I love to view thing in simpler form. Its good to know all the bombastic stuff, which I did take note, but the real deal is the practical wise ideas of  TPACK..thats all for now cheers~

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